Land Rover Generations & Common Problems

Through several generations, the Land Rover Discovery remains a favorite among foreign luxury car enthusiasts. The Discovery is known for its luxurious features and smooth handling. If you are considering adding a Discovery to your collection, read below for common maintenance needs outlined for series...

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Range Rover Generations & Common Problems

The Range Rover is a favorite among foreign car enthusiasts. There are brand new editions, but the first three generations are still beloved for their many unique features. If you are thinking about adding a Range Rover to your collection, read below for some of...

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Buying a Used Car

Tips for Buying a Used Car Check for any Vehicle Recalls A quick Google search can help keep you informed on common recalls of the vehicle. You can use a free tool like this one on which allows you to put in exact vehicle years, makes,...

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Land Rover Discovery 4

Buying a Used Range Rover or Land Rover

Considering a Used Range Rover or Land Rover?  Range Rovers & Land Rovers have notoriously high depreciation and buying one slightly used can save you thousands, if you do it right. With over 20 years of experience in Range Rover & Land Rover repair, we have...

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