Automotive Service & Repair FAQ

Why is my Service Engine Light on?

A Service Engine Soon light may come on for a number of reasons. The most basic reason a Check Engine light may occur is due to a bad or loose gas cap. More complex issues also trigger the Service Engine Soon light. It is always a good idea to have your Check Engine light diagnosed by a trained professional automotive technician to avoid larger damage or repairs.


What does Service Engine soon mean?

The Service Engine Soon light is a light warn of possible issues with your emissions system or mechanical issues with your engine. Car Repairs for a Service Engine Soon light can be as minor as replacing a gas cap after testing the Evap System for leaks or more major Car Repairs to the engine.


What Could Cause the Check Engine Light to Come on?

A Check Engine Light can come on for many reasons. A common issue to first check is a Loose Gas Cap or Faulty Gas Cap. A Loose Gas Cap or Faulty Gas Cap can cause fuel to evaporate, causing your Check Engine light to come on. It’s important to have a trained Automotive Technician Diagnose the cause of your Check Engine Light.


Why does my car make noises when it starts?

A Car Making Noise is never good. It could be making a clicking sound in the car or squeaking noise. The Car Making Noise could be coming from the engine, belts, pullets, exhaust system, suspension, brakes, or even the tires to pavement contact. You should have any car making noises checked out by a trusted technician.


How to Store a car for Winter?

Winterization of your vehicle for storage is easy. First thing to consider is choose a safe and dry building to house your car during the winter. Then consider stopping in for our Winter Checklist for Vehicles as well as a free Pre-Winter Inspection.


Do I need to Winterize my car?

Vehicle Winterization is usually a good idea. Before the winter months it is good to come in for an Oil Change and free pre-winter inspection at which time we will inspect your battery, suspension, brakes, tires, coolant, belts & check for any stored trouble codes. Winterization can prevent unwanted surprises during the winter months.


How long will it take to get my car fixed?

Depending on what repaires will be needed wait times will vary. A Car Bumper Repair depending on how bad the damage could take from a few hours to possibly even a day or two. A brake service is an easier service and would take less time. For brake service one should consider service taking 2-4 hours.


Are you able to fix Foreign cars?

J&Z Garage specializes in Foreign Car Repair. Our technicians are Foreign Car Specialists with a combined 60 years of experience working on BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Volkswagon, Audi, & Mini. For all your Foreign Car Repairs J&Z Garage has you covered from Oil Change & Brake Service to Complete Check Engine Diagnostics & Electrical Repairs. J&Z Garage is the Foreign Car Repair expert center.



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