Exhaust System Repair & Catalytic Converter Repair

Need Exhaust System Repair?

Keep your car running on the road with J & Z Garage!

Your car exhaust is designed to keep the toxic fumes away from the interior of your car cabin. It is the critical piece of the puzzle to keep your engine running correctly without any junk being backed up into the system. With that, you can guarantee better fuel efficiency and cut right back on those waste emissions, being kinder to the environment. When there is a problem with the components on the interior of the engine, it could get costly very quickly if left to it.


With J & Z Garage, you can get a full range of exhaust system repair options, from the beginning of the problem to emissions testing and catalytic converter repair. We even help you with muffler replacements. We’re the best at what we do, and we can help to get your car safely back onto the road again.

How J&Z Garage Can Help

The exhaust pipe on your car serves a lot of different purposes, but when it’s not in the best condition or working well for your vehicle, you can’t get the right fuel economy or reduce the CO2 emissions that your car produces. Instead, you should bring your vehicle to J & Z Garage, and we can advise you on the repairs and replacements that you need for your car. This will ensure that your car is running to its peak, and that’s better for everyone on the road!

Exhaust Pipe Maintenance

Inspecting your exhaust pipe regularly can ensure that your car stays running at the very best performance.

Giving Off Bad Vibrations

A car shouldn’t be vibrating strongly, and you shouldn’t experience a loss of acceleration, either. If you notice either of these things, bring your vehicle to us. We can get the exhaust looked at carefully.

Loud Muffler

The deep rumbling noise in the depths of your exhaust? That noise isn’t healthy. Stop by and let us take a look – that muffler should be quiet!

New Catalytic Converter

If your car needs a new catalytic converter, come to us, and we can give you the best catalytic converter price for repairs or replacement possible.

Leaky Exhaust System

You should be able to fill up your car and get as far as you always have. If you’ve noticed that this isn’t happening for you, you need to let us check it out and repair any issues causing you to lose that fuel efficiency/

Offering You A Complete Exhaust System Repair Service

At J & Z Garage, we work with brands such as:

  • Land Rover/Range Rover
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes-Benz (incl. Mercedes Benz Sprinter)


You Deserve A Silent System

The exhaust system in your car affects everything from the engine compartment to the back of the vehicle, and when it works well, it should be quiet. Noisy cars need to be brought to J & Z today for a check-up! If you require an engine system repair service in Elk Grove Village, visit us today!



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