Mercedes Benz Auto Repair

Mercedes Auto Repair Chicago  

When the time comes to have your Mercedes serviced, you can count on the dedicated team of professionals at J&Z Garage to care for your car just as if it were their own. Having over 20 years of experience working on Mercedes vehicles, we have encountered some common issues that often need attention.


Alternator Replacement

The alternator is the heart of your car’s electrical system, as it charges your battery and also provides electricity to the vehicle while it is running. If your alternator is not performing as it should, your car will not run well or could stop completely.  We can test your alternator to make sure it is producing the proper amount of voltage that the car requires. If your car needs a new alternator, we have the expertise to replace it quickly and get the vehicle running again in top condition.


Mercedes Benz Check Engine Light

Mercedes are very sophisticated vehicles and rely upon complicated, on-board computer systems. When the check engine indicator lights up on the dash board, your car is telling you that something is wrong. The extremely experienced team at J&Z Garage has both the needed training and tools to diagnose the trouble codes that are behind the check engine light. Whether it be something simple or more complex, you can count on our seasoned technicians to identify the issue and expertly make any needed repairs.


Mercedes SCN Coding

SCN or Software Calibration Number coding plays a critical role in the completion process of certain repairs to your Mercedes Benz. When specific systems in your car need replacement such as the gearbox computer, ABS control unit, headlight instrumentation computer, fuel control unit (ME) and others, SCN coding is needed to properly update the software that controls these components. You wouldn’t want to trust this kind of sophisticated, software programming to just any repair center. You can rest assured that the highly experienced staff at J&Z Garage have the training and expertise to properly handle such complex software updates.


Mercedes Benz Electrical Repair

The electrical systems on Mercedes Benz automobiles are very complicated today. When your car experiences an electrical problem, you can count on the dedicated professionals at J&Z Garage to resolve the issue quickly and accurately. One of the most challenging parts of repairing electrical problems is finding the origin of the issue. J&Z Garage has many years of experience tracing down the source of electrical problems and resolving them permanently.      


Mercedes Benz Air Suspension Repair

One of the most popular features found on a Mercedes Benz is the wonderfully smooth, air-bag suspension. Unfortunately, these usually very reliable systems will sometimes spring a leak, causing the car to lean to one side or sink down. The highly experienced professionals at J&Z Garage can quickly diagnose the source of the air system’s problem and repair it back to its normal functioning. You can rely on J&Z Garage to restore the smooth ride that you have always enjoyed from your Mercedes.




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