Oil Change Services


At J&Z we provide oil changes on domestic and foreign vehicles including trucks. If you think you need your oil changing and you are located in or near Chicago, make sure you visit J&Z. It’s close to Elk Grove Village and is convenient for drive-ins. ]


J&Z has strived to build up a team of highly qualified, experienced mechanics with 60 years in the industry. During that time, the company has provided oil changes on every type of automobile imaginable. 


Signs Your Oil Needs Changing


Have you noticed that your oil is dark and dirty? Oil that is clean will have an amber shade due to engine particles. You might also notice that the engine is loud and knocking with different parts meshing together. Alternatively, it’s possible the check engine light has lit up on your dash or you might notice smoke from your tailpipe. J&Z’s pro mechanics will check whether you require an oil change and ensure that it is completed the right way. The team provides the full solution and if the signs are pointing to another issue, they will be able to handle this as well. 


What Does A Standard Oil Change Include?


J&Z provides more than a basic oil change. The team will match the oil provided to the car you drive. This is going to depend on car mileage, driving conditions and the engine of your vehicle. Based on these factors, the vehicle will be changed with a synthetic blend, high mileage oil, conventional or premium product with a measure of as much as five quarts. 


J&Z can also order any type of product that you want or require and ensure it is used when changing the oil on your vehicle. 


Additional Solutions


During an oil change from J&Z, the team will ensure that your oil filter is replaced and disposed of in a way that is completely environmentally friendly. The expert mechanics will also ensure that your tire pressure and tread depth are correct while completing inspections of various other parts of your vehicle. 


This will include problems with turn signals, fluid levels, brake lights, windshield wipers and much more. 


You will even be provided with a complimentary car wash solution to guarantee that your vehicle leaves the garage looking as good as new. 


The Importance of Oil Changes


Oil changes are essential for your vehicle. They help improve the health of your car and extend the life of the vehicle. Depending on your use, you might need an oil change every 3000 or 10,000 miles on the road. Regardless of your requirements, J&Z offers the ultimate solution. You can use this service regularly to stay ahead of any issues and get the quality treatment that you deserve from a team of highly trained professionals. 

We Offer Complete Oil Change Services for All Major Makes/Models Including Foreign Brands like:

– Land Rover/Range Rover

– Audi


– Volkswagen

– Mercedes-Benz (incl. Mercedes Benz Sprinter)


Regardless of the car you drive, J&Z will provide the oil change that you need with ease. 



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