Suspension Repair & Steering Repair


Suspension & Steering Diagnosis and Repair

J&Z are here to ensure that your suspension and steering is working how it should. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, our team of automotive professionals will diagnose the issue and get you back on the road safely and efficiently. Taking the time to get to know your car and the exact issue with it, you will receive a more effective service.

The Importance of Steering & Suspension


Your Suspension and Steering systems are critical to not only the safety of the passengers but to the functionality of your car. Absorbing the energy whilst your car is in motion, it ensures that your tires will stay firmly on the surface – whether it’s on tarmac or off-road. This is essential during poor weather and throughout the winter season.


Whether the components have worn out over time or you have recently been in a collision, the safety of your care will be at risk. Affecting the stopping distance of your car to up to 30% and making the car ride a lot rougher than usual, a broken suspension can cause you lots of long-term issues. So when you start to notice the following issues, it’s important that you get a full diagnosis and repair service carried out.

Key Signs of A Broken Steering & Suspension System


But how can you tell that there is a problem with your steering & suspension? Here is a list of the main issues that you will notice from bad vehicle suspension:


Transmission Fluid Leaks

Issues with Power Steering

Vibrations When Shifting Gears

Grinding Noises When You Drive

Muddy Transmission Fluid

Problems with Positioning

Uncommon Tire Wear

The Vehicle Pulls To One Side, Then The Other


Make Your Car More Cost-Efficient


Not only does a broken steering & suspension system put your safety at risk but it also costs you money. Contributing heavily to fuel consumption, you will spend far more when traveling without even realizing it. To save you money and time, J&Z can provide you with steering wheel repair, power steering leak fixes, leaf spring repair and more.


The system itself is very complex as it’s made up of numerous parts. Whether it’s an issue with the tie rods or ball joints, pinion and rack or shocks and struts, we know which parts to examine.

We Offer Complete Steering & Suspension Services for All Major Makes/Models Including Foreign Brands like:

– Land Rover/Range Rover

– Audi


– Volkswagen

– Mercedes-Benz (incl. Mercedes Benz Sprinter)


No matter what the make or model of your car we can provide you with a full steering & suspension repair service. If you have started to notice problems with your steering & suspension, get in contact with J&Z today. Offering you a professional service at a budget-friendly price, we are your first port of call for those in Elk Grove Village near Chicago, IL.


You can either contact us by email or by calling us at 847-593-6252. We look forward to hearing from you and getting your car back on the road.




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