Transmission Repair 

J&Z provides full-service transmission repairs on all foreign or domestic automobiles and trucks. If you are in need of transmission service near Chicago, IL, visit J&Z Garage located in nearby Elk Grove Village. J&Z has a team of automotive professionals with a combined 60 years of experience in servicing automatic, manual, and semi-automatic transmissions. 


Transmission Problem Diagnostics

Having issues accelerating? Stepping on the gas pedal but not speeding up? You’re very likely experiencing a transmission problem. J&Z’s automotive professionals specialize in diagnostics- providing you an accurate and honest diagnosis of your vehicle’s transmission in quick time. J&Z provides a full computer diagnostic scan, external inspection, fluid checks, and road tests to help identity what could be causing a problem in your transmission. 


Transmission Fluid Exchanges & Flushes

Fluid can be the root of many common transmission issues. Fluid could be low due to a leak in your transmission. Your fluid may also just need to be flushed or exchanged to prevent clogging due to debris or metals. Catching a fluid issue early can save you a lot of time and money. Check-in with J&Z Garage for full fluid diagnostics and services. 


Automatic Transmission Services

An automatic transmission is one of the most complex components of any vehicle. Automatic transmissions take all the work out of driving- shifting gears on their own. However, this requires many parts and sensors to be working in unison. J&Z provides services on sensor and solenoid replacement, fluid and filter replacement, and complete overhaul or resealing of transmission. 


Manual Transmission Services 

Many car enthusiasts enjoy the experience and thrill of manual transmission. Over time, manual transmissions experience wear and tear that must be serviced. J&Z provides full service on any manual transmission needs including clutch replacement, master/slave cylinder replacement, flywheel reconditioning, and full rebuild servicing. 


We Offer Complete Transmission Repair Services for All Major Makes/Models Including Foreign Brands like:

– Land Rover/Range Rover

– Audi


– Volkswagen

– Mercedes-Benz (incl. Mercedes Benz Sprinter)



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