General Vehicle Maintenance

J&Z Garage Keeps You On The Road!


Here at J&Z Garage, we’ve been helping automobile owners like you maintain their vehicles (and keep them on the road) for more than sixty years. 


The reason we’ve been here so long? It all comes down to our commitment to our customers. We take care of every car with the same passion and professional excellence, ensuring that you can keep your vehicle running for as long as possible. 


Air Filter Change


Changing your air filters is essential. Not only do air filters protect the internals of your vehicle from damage, but they keep harmful particles out of your lungs too. Nobody wants to breathe in filthy air while driving. Bring your vehicle to us today, and we’ll perform a full air filter change for you, allowing both you and your passengers to breathe easy. 


Tire Rotation And Pressure Check


If your tires aren’t running at the optimal pressure, then they will wear unevenly – something that could make them dangerous if you drive in wet conditions. At J&Z Garage, we set your tires to the correct pressure for your vehicle and check for wheel alignment issues that might be causing one side of the tire to wear down faster than the other. 


What’s more, our expert mechanics check to make sure that you have plenty of tread for water clearance too. This lets you drive away from our garage with confidence that your vehicle is safe to take out on the roads, no matter what the weather might throw your way. 


Wiper Blades


Ignoring wiper blade issues can land you in trouble. The moment the weather changes and the vehicle in front flicks up dirt from the road, you’ll wish that you’d visited us sooner. Driving without functioning wiper blades is a hazard.


At J&Z Garage, we ensure that your wiper blades work perfectly – just like they did the day you bought your car. Our professional mechanics fit new, high-quality blades that stand the test of time and will serve you well for seasons to come. 


Fluid Checks


The fluid in your vehicle ensures that it continues to operate optimally. If levels are low, then it can put your components and risk at increase your repair bills in the future. At J&Z Garage, we top up your engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant, and even your wiper fluid. Check-in your car with us today for a full rundown. 


Oil Changes


If there’s one thing we’ve learned over our long experience at J&Z Garage, it’s that regularly changing your oil is essential. As you might expect, our motor oil changes go well beyond the basics. We provide a host of additional services to ensure that the oil we put in your engine gets it running smoothly, delivering high performance for years to come. 


Experience The J&Z Garage Difference


If you want a vehicle mechanic service with a difference, get in touch with our friendly team today and book in your vehicle for a health check. 


We Offer Complete Maintenance Services for All Major Makes/Models Including Foreign Brands like:

– Land Rover/Range Rover

– Audi


– Volkswagen

– Mercedes-Benz (incl. Mercedes Benz Sprinter)




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