Volkswagen/VW Repair

When your Volkswagen needs any kind of repair or service, you can count on J&Z garage to use our many years of experience to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We have over 20 years of hands-on knowledge working on VW vehicles. Having years of experience under the hood of these amazing vehicles, we have noticed that they tend to have common issues come up that need the attention of professionally trained technicians.


VW Timing Chain Repair

The timing chain is an incredibly important part of your vehicle’s engine. This component essentially connects your car’s crankshaft to the camshaft, which allows other critical engine functions to operate.

J&Z Garage has many years of experience servicing timing chains for Volkswagen vehicles. Even physically accessing the timing chain on some vehicles requires a partial engine tear down, so it’s critical that you put your car in the hands of people who have done this job many times in the past.


Volkswagen ECM/ECV Repairs 

VW/Volkswagen automobiles are today very complex machines and they rely on many types of onboard computers and other electronic parts in order to run as they should. Two very important components in your VW are the ECM (Electronic Control Module) and ECV (Electronic Control Valve). These pieces play a critical role in the normal operation of your vehicle. J&Z Garage is extremely experienced in both diagnosing and repairing ECM/ECV problems. When it comes to the coding and programming of these very important components, you can count on J&Z Garage to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time.


Electrical Problems & Shorts  

Cars today have complicated electrical systems. If your VW is experiencing any shorts or electrical problems, you can count on the dedicated team at J&Z Garage to not only trace down the source of any electrical issues but also expertly repair the problem. It takes real hands-on knowledge to accurately locate the origin of electrical problems. You can count on the vast experience of our professional technicians to save you both time and money on electrical repairs.


Volkswagen Air Ride Suspension Repairs/Air Bag Replacement  

If you come out to your car one morning and notice it is sagging or leaning on one side, there’s a likely chance that a leak has sprung somewhere in the vehicle’s air ride suspension system. The dedicated professionals at J&Z Garage have many years of knowledge in how to detect and correct leaks in the air ride system. Whether the bag itself is faulty or there is a leak in the hose or compressor, our team of trained technicians will get to the source of the problem quickly and repair it properly.


Fuel Pump/Starter Failure   

VW vehicles sometimes experience fuel pump and starter failure issues. A failure in one of these critical components ensures that your car will not be going anywhere until it is corrected. If you experience an issue with your vehicle’s fuel pump or starter, you can trust the experts at J&Z Garage to diagnose the problem and repair your car quickly and correctly. We use only the finest parts to repair these systems, so you can be assured that your car will give you many miles of trouble free service.

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