Your Local BMW Repair Shop & BMW Specialists

When it’s time for your BMW to be repaired or serviced, you can count on the experienced professionals at J&Z Garage to diagnose the exact problem and expertly repair it.  After 20 years of experience working on BMW vehicles, here are some of the more common repair issues that we have encountered with them.


BMW Check Engine Light / ECU Diagnosis & Repair

BMW cars are very complicated machines today and they rely on sophisticated computer systems in order for them to operate as they should. When your check engine light comes on, a computer system in the vehicle is telling you that something is not functioning as it should. The experienced professionals at J&Z Garage have the training and equipment needed to read the trouble codes that are the cause behind the check engine light being illuminated. Whether it be an evaporator leak, a misfire or a temperature issue, our trained techniques can identify the problem and repair it correctly.


BMW Coolant Leak

Cars that overheat can incur huge repair bills and suffer severe damage to their engines. If your BMW develops a coolant leak, don’t trust just any repair shop to fix it. You can count on the 20 years of experience that J&Z Garage has to properly repair BMW coolant leaks. Whether the problem is coming from the radiator, a hose, the water pump or even from the engine, we will find the root cause of the leak and repair it quickly and correctly.


BMW Electric Water Pump Failure

The water pump is the component that circulates all of the coolant throughout the engine. A water pump failure can lead to overheating, a blown head gasket and other serious engine problems. If you smell anti-freeze or see a small puddle of coolant under your car, don’t wait to have us take a look at it. You can rest assured that we will repair the problem long before it turns into a much more expensive issue.


BMW Engine Oil Leaks

An oil leak can be a nuisance. Leaking oil can leave a stain on your driveway and produce a foul smelling, burning odor from under the hood. it’s not always easy to find the actual source of an oil leak, but the expert technicians at J&Z Garage will trace the origin of the leak and repair it permanently. Whether the oil leak is coming from a valve gasket, the oil pan, the BMW oil filter housing gasket or an engine seal, we will find it and get the issue resolved.


All Wheel Drive / BMW xDrive System

There’s nothing like the driving confidence you feel on a rainy or snowy day, thanks to your BMW all-wheel drive system. You do not want to trust the complicated xDrive system to just any repair shop. Let J&Z Garage give you the peace of mind that comes with trusting your xDrive equipped BMW to experts. Our highly trained technicians have the knowledge and tools to service/repair your xDrive system back to its factory performance levels.


Repair Leaking Valve Stems

There’s nothing like a Chicago winter or scorching summer to wreak havoc on your tires’ valve stems. The valve stem is the main component that is keeping the air in your tires, so you don’t want to have any on your BMW that have been compromised by age or weather. If you notice that one (or more) of your tires are losing air on a regular basis, stop by and see us. We will inspect your air valve stems and replace them if needed.



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