Mercedes Sprinter and Sprinter AdBlue Service

Here at J&Z Garage, we pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of service. Our many years of experience working on Mercedes vehicles means we know exactly what to look for and how to get your Mercedes Sprinter on the road in perfect condition.


We know that your Mercedes Sprinter is crucial to your business 0 the fact you use a Sprinter shows that you take it seriously – and we don’t want to keep you from driving it from any longer than necessary, Our authorized Mercedes Sprinter center will do whatever is necessary to make sure it is safe, roadworthy and does exactly what you need it to do and will never let you down


Some of the Mercedes services and repairs that we offer include, but are not limited to:


Transmission checks


Your Mercedes Sprinter is fitted with a fast, fuel-efficient automatic 5-speed transmission. Bring it to our Master Certified Technicians for regular transmission oil changes and filter replacements to keep it in a like-new condition as you travel through the midwest and beyond.


Diesel engine service


Your Mercedes Sprinter holds a turbo-diesel engine that improves torque and fuel output. We provide all of the services that you need to ensure that you comply with the regulations on diesel emissions, from  Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement to diesel exhaust fluid inspections and refills to coolant replacement to keep everything ticking over as it should.


Brake replacement


Continual stopping and starting and inner-city driving will take a toll on your Mercedes Sprinter brakes. As part of our service here at J&Z Garage, we will carry out in-depth checks and replace any damaged parts such as brake pads or discs to make sure that your fleet Mercedes vehicles are safe for you and your workforce to drive.


Wheel alignment


Wheel alignment is one of those things that often go overlooked but is crucial for maintaining safe tire tread depth and smooth handling of the vehicle. Our Mercedes Sprinter service team will make sure that the caster, camber, and toe measurements are perfectly aligned and adjust if necessary to ensure that you get the very best performance out of your Mercedes Sprinter.

Why choose J&Z Garage for your Mercedes Sprinter service?


Our approved Sprinter Service Center is your one-stop-shop for professional repairs, fitted with the very latest in groundbreaking equipment, and manned by factory-trained Master Certified Technicians who know how important your Mercedes fleet is to you and your business.


With over sixty years of experience of working on foreign vehicles, we are dedicated to bringing you the greatest value for your Mercedes repair and service needs. We pride ourselves on offering the very best workmanship, convenience, and value to our customers.


Contact us at J&Z Garage today to find out how your Mercedes Sprinter fleet can benefit from a service and how we can help you get the very best out of your vehicle for a competitive price.



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